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Opening Logs

There are several ways to open log files:
- drag-and-drop log file, several log files or folder with logs to the program UI.
- open log file(s) from the main menu
- open log file(s) partially from the main menu:


You can set up filters for most of parsed fields:
Or exclude log entries directly from the log view:


Customizable and extendible highlighters can be configured for all supported types of traces.
Highlighters configuration is available from settings menu.
Common highlighters are already pre-configured to facilitate logs browsing.

Multiple Search Results

Program supports multiple search results and search by regular expressions.
Search options:
- Aa button – match case
- (. * ) button – enables regular expressions search
- + button – opens new search

Scratch pad

LogGrok has built-in docking scratch pad. Needed log record can be added directly from the log view:

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